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Cadette Badges

Girls Scouts Cadette Animal Helpers Badge

Animal Helpers

Animals have always provided humans companionship, joy and transportation, but today they’re also trained to help people with disabilities and find people who are lost. In this badge, learn about the many ways animals help humans

Girls Scouts Cadette Pets Badge


Whether you’re getting ready to babysit in the future or you have already started, this badge will help you become the best babysitter you can be.

Girls Scouts Cadette Book Artist Badge

Book Artist

For centuries, humans have been developing methods to create and bind paper in order to share ideas, knowledge and inspiration with each other and with future generations. In this badge, try gluing, stitching and folding your way to shaping your own book. You’ll create some spectacular gifts and keepsakes

Girls Scouts Cadette Philanthropist Badge


When you’ve earned this badge, you will be able to keep track of your money, save for the things you need and want, and help others by giving.

Girls Scouts Cadette Give Back Badge

Business Plan

When you’ve earned this badge, you’ll know how to write an effective business plan for your cookie business.

Girls Scouts Cadette Comic Artist Badge

Comic Artist

From newspaper cartoons to comic books and graphic novels, comic art is a broad, exciting and growing field. Comics are sometimes described as “sequential art,” though some are only one panel. So what is a comic, exactly? It’s a visual story told however you would like to tell it. Go for it!

Girls Scouts Cadette Philanthropist Badge

Comparison Shopping

When you’ve earned this badge, you will know how to go online to find the best deals on the best products in the safest way possible.

Girls Scouts Cadette Digital Movie Maker Badge

Digital Movie Maker

A movie doesn’t just tell a story, it shows a story. If you could show the whole world a story, how would it look? Bright and cheery? Fast-paced and full of changes in scene? With what visual would it start and end? You’ve probably spent countless hours watching movies; now is your chance to show others

Girls Scouts Cadette My Best Self Badge

Eating for Beauty

Nutrition isn’t just about maintaining a healthy weight. Eating well helps you inside and out. Choosing the right foods can help you sleep better, stress less and get smooth skin, shiny hair and strong nails. In this badge, find out how to eat to keep your skin glowing, your mind focused and your energy flowing.

Girls Scouts Cadette Woodworker Badge


When it comes to innovation, fantastic ideas and creative inventions are only half the game. The other half involves figuring out if people will buy your invention or use your idea. In this badge, you’ll find out what it takes to turn a great idea into a business.

Girls Scouts Cadette Special Agent Badge

Field Day

From friends playing in the park to countries competing against one another at the Olympics, games unite us all. And Girl Scouts have been inventing their own games since 1912! In this badge, you’ll experience this firsthand by organizing teams and events for an exciting, do-it-yourself field day.

Girls Scouts Cadette Philanthropist Badge

Financing my Dreams

When you’ve earned this badge, you’ll know the realities of budgeting and how to practice financial habits that will help you in the future.

Girls Scouts Cadette Family Story Badge

Finding Common Ground

Democratic governments exist to help citizens with differing opinions find common ground — the place where people’s thoughts, opinions and beliefs intersect. In this badge, investigate how our government does it and how you can, too.

Girls Scouts Cadette Making Friends Badge

Cadette Girl Scout Way

The Girl Scout Way is a compass that can help guide you as you carve out your unique place in the world. Our proud traditions offer a strong foundation to build your dreams as part of a worldwide sisterhood. Join hands with thousands of other Cadettes to blaze the Girl Scout trail into our new century.

Girls Scouts Cadette Dancer Badge

Good Sportsmanship

When you make good sportsmanship a habit in games and in life, others want to play with you, hang out with you and live up to your example. So whether you’re a dedicated athlete with a chosen sport or you just like to enjoy an occasional game among friends, this badge will help you have more fun on and off the field.

Girls Scouts Cadette Meet My Customers Badge


When you’ve earned this badge, you’ll know how to create a marketing plan for your cookie business.

Girls Scouts Cadette Netiquette Badge


Our digital world makes it easy to stay in touch and share friendships, memories and ideas. But we’ve all heard embarrassing stories in which people wish they hadn’t hit the “send” button. Once you’ve sent an email, it never goes away. This badge is all about knowing how to make positive choices in the online world.

Girls Scouts Cadette Fair Play Badge

New Cuisines

Culinary possibilities are as diverse as the globe of people who cook them. In this badge, cook up dishes from across time and distance, and find out where your taste buds want to travel.

Girls Scouts Cadette Night Owl Badge

Night Owl

Night has captured the imagination since the dawn of time. But with modern-day electricity, it’s easy to overlook the mysteries and beauty of the world after the sun goes down. So grow your imagination and expand what you know (or think you know!). Turn out the lights, tune in your senses and step out into the night.

Girls Scouts Cadette My Great Day Badge

Public Speaker

They call it stage presence: the ability to be yourself and make a connection with people — whether one person or an entire crowd — and seem comfortable the entire time. A great presenter’s talent for conveying points clearly and powerfully is useful everywhere, not just in politics or on the stage. Luckily, you don’t have to be born with these skills; you can develop them.

Girls Scouts Cadette Science of Happiness Badge

Science of Happiness

In this badge, you are the test subject and your life is your laboratory. You’ll find out how scientists measure happiness and you’ll put their results into action. You’ll also get to perform a happiness experiment on your friends or family, all with the goal of making your world a happier place.

Girls Scouts Cadette Painting Badge


When it thrills, makes you laugh, or has a fantastic twist, a movie or TV show can seem like magic. And a great show starts with a great script! Screenwriters write scripts meant to be filmed. In this badge, put all your viewing experience to good use — let it inspire you as you try your hand at writing for the big (or small) screen.

Girls Scouts Cadette Woodworker Badge

Special Agent

A special agent wears many hats — detective, scientist, psychologist, enforcer of the law, etc. No wonder novels and shows about their work are so popular! In this badge, grab your magnifying glass and your microscope and uncover your skills in one of the most exciting and demanding jobs for investigative minds.

Girls Scouts Cadette Money Manager Badge

Think Big

When you’ve earned this badge, you’ll know how to set bigger goals for your cookie sale and come up with creative ways to reach them.

Girls Scouts Cadette Hiker Badge


Join in a favorite Girl Scout adventure! Head for the back country, where you’ll explore nature and challenge your body on a trailblazing trek. In this badge, you’ll stay at least one night at a backwoods or primitive site, so get ready to learn some new outdoor skills while you share fresh-air fun and games with your Girl Scout sisters.

Girls Scouts Cadette Trees Badge


Grab your naturalist hat and get ready to get to know trees — from the shade to the science, the fruit to the forest and the legends to the lumber. To know trees is to love them.

Girls Scouts Cadette Woodworker Badge


Woodworking gives you a great feeling of accomplishment; you can make stylish, useful things for yourself and others. Plus, it’s fun! In this badge, add to your talents with a skill Girl Scouts has been refining for 100 years — the ability to do it yourself.