Training Information

Most of the training is offered free of charge (there is a small fee for outdoor and first aid classes) to volunteers and is essential to gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence you'll need to create a fun and safe environment for th girls. Please make sure you notify Jennifer Laing, our Membership Consultant, when you complete a course so that we have a record of the courses you have completed. Staying current on your training is required to be eligible for annual volunteer awards.
Training Registration
Consult the Council Training Calendar for the current class schedule.

Register for classroom setting classes
Required of all volunteers, leaders, and members:
  • Fill out the Adult Registration paperwork and pay the $12 national dues.
  • New volunteers must fill out and submit a Volunteer Application and submit 3 letters of Reference (filled out one time only).
  • Complete an Adult Health History form.
  • Complete the Girl Scouting 101 training program. It is offered online  (the password is aboutGS101).
Required for one-time volunteers:
  • Complete the Volunteering for Girls Scout Series and events. It is offered online (the password is discover).
 Required of all leaders (one leader or co-leader per troop):
  • Complete the Volunteer Essentials training program.  This is done in the classroom setting, as a webinar, or self study.   
  • Program level training. This is done in a classroom setting.  A webinar is offered for Juniors,Cadette, Senior, and Ambasador levels. 
 Required of all service team members: 
  •  Complete the Volunteer Essentials training program. This is done in the classroom, as a webinar, or self study.
  •  Position Training. This is done in the classroom or by webinar.
Optional training:

 Optional classes are offered in the following subject areas:
  • Adult/Child CPR and First Aid
  • Outdoor Module 1 - Discovering the Outdoors
  • Outdoor Module 2 - Cabin Camping
  • Outdoor Module 3 - Tent Camping
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Sep 16, 2015, 1:53 PM