Become a Girl Scout Leader

Welcome to a world that invites girls to challenge themselves,
discover who they are and what they truly can become!

While the girls are on their journey, YOU, the Girl Scout troop/group leader can:

  • Develop your potential
  • Learn new job skills
  • Put your special talents to use, and most of all…
  • Be a positive influence in the lives of girls.

Please review the information on our councils' website on getting started.

The following steps outline how to become a troop/group leader:

1.     Begin with the volunteer application process.

  • All adults assuming a leadership role must complete a Volunteer Application and register as an adult Girl Scout.
  • See the New Leader Information page for additional information.
  • Check out our council's website for tons of information about Girl Scouts.

2.     Next step ... get trained

  • See the training page for additional information. Some of the programs are available online.
  • Volunteers responsible for product sales (fall product and cookies) also take an online training course.
  • Other training programs are available such as First Aid/CPR, camping, etc. but are not required for new leaders.

3.     Onward and upward ... forming the troop.

  • A minimum of two adults are required for troops! You may already know interested girls or they may come from girls who have expressed an interest to our service unit. The Membership Organizer and other volunteers from your service unit will assist you with recruiting girls and adults, adhering to the proper girl-to-adult ratio standards, and officially registering your troop. Girl Scout membership registration is required of all girls and adults participating in the program. The annual membership dues are $12. Financial assistance is available upon request. 

4.     Getting started and getting help.

  • Next, decide where you will hold your meetings and how often you will meet. Most troops meet after school for one hour, twice a month. However, other troops meet in the evenings at home or on weekends in church facilities. Consider the girls’ needs, the availability of the meeting site, and the leadership team’s personal time schedules when arranging for a meeting day and time. School meetings are set up with your Membership Organizer.
  • Prior to meeting with the girls, the leadership team hosts a Parent’s Meeting. Introduce yourself and announce your ideas for the troop. Also ask parents to assist the troop committee. You will let them know how much your troop dues will be as well as a fee for snacks (or if they will take turns bringing snacks). Committed parents and guardians are a welcome addition and can take care of the many details that enable a troop to operate smoothly. 

5.     Having a great time!

  • Girl Scouts is part of the fun for adults as well as girls. Enjoy new friendships with other local troop leaders by attending your monthly service unit meetings. In addition, the meetings are convenient avenues for you to learn new skills, stay abreast of Council happenings, problem solve, share ideas, and grow as a Girl Scout volunteer.
  • Troop meetings, field trips, service projects, badge work, camping trips, product sales, career exploration, learning, discovering, laughing, sharing and much more! That’s what Girl Scouts is all about. So go ahead and have a great time interacting with the girls and being a super Girl Scout Leader.

What Can Girl Scouting Do for YOU?

  • You will know that you are making a difference in the lives of girls.
  • You can share knowledge, experience, and skills.
  • You will get a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction for helping to change the world one girl at a time.
  • You will make new friends and have fun!
  • You will learn new skills to share and increase your leadership potential.
  • You will increase family involvement and quality time spent with daughters.
  • You will get to know your daughter’s friends.
  • You will improve the community.
  • You will gain work experience.
  • You will stay active and involved.
  • You will be needed.
  • You will build self-confidence.
  • You will meet new challenges.
  • You will gain recognition from others.
  • You will empower others.
  • You will be a role model for your children.
  • You will give back what you have gotten.
  • You will show that you care.